This Wednesday September 22 will be the Emancipation Monument Unveiling and Dedication Ceremony in Virginia. We are humbled to find ourselves part of history in the making this week with the fall of the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Virginia. Moments like this simply would not be possible without our brave activists, filmmakers and supporters like you bringing to life projects such as Confederate Monuments: Heritage or Hatred? and Monuments that Heal as part of the HBCU Storytellers: 400 Years Later… docuseries. Both films highlight the activism of students and elected officials who worked to bring down racist monuments while erecting new ones like the Emancipation Proclamation Monument that will be unveiled this week.

In celebration of this historic moment. You can watch the trailers for our films below and request a screening in your community by emailing And visit for more information on the monument.

HBCU Storytellers: Confederate Monuments- Heritage or Hatred?

HBCU Storytellers: Monuments that Heal