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Brandon Ellis

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Area of filmmaking: Cinematography, Video editing, Production designer

Unified, cultivated, blacks with voices is the greatest threat to the system, that hides voices like ours in the shadows. Being a part of this program gives me the opportunity to network with creative like-minded voices, to learn and broaden my knowledge about our history and the film making field, and to build great relationships with creatives to work with each other not only inside this program but outside of it as well. I’m truly grateful and blessed to have been selected to be part of Nate Parker Film Program.

My name is Brandon Ellis I’m a Filmmaker / Video Editor, born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana. I was Blessed to have this God given gift in Digital Media that allows me to create a world i wish to be in, while using it as a weapon to promote positively to our race despite what the media negativity portray. It also gives me the opportunity to use this gift through the voice of God to spread positively to the world and inspire my generation to rise up.

My Mission is to CHANGE, INSPIRE AND IMPACT AS MANY LIVES AS I CAN. To inspire the youth to be themselves, embrace their uniqueness, be original, Never feel your idea is to big, Do what you love, not what someone tells you, and to have no fear.

Through all the darkness that’s surrounded on this planet, there is always light that shines within
and when others visit my world while watching my films I want to spark a sense of hope through their eyes that can help them in their everyday life.

We all have the power to utilize our gifts to change the world and elevate humanity



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