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I finally have an chance to change the trajectory of my future, and learn about my passion. I have an opportunity to change not only my life, but also the lives of a lot of people around me.

As a former high school teacher, Jaylen D. Eashmond understands the importance of education and the power that comes with learning how to use your voice. Jaylen was born in Hattiesburg, MS. He is the son of Johnnie and Jacqueline Eashmond. He began acting when he joined his high school speech and debate team. With over 10 years of competing and coaching, he has competed in over 20 national final rounds and won 2 national championships. While speech and debate has been instrumental to his life, nevertheless, becoming an artist has always been his driving passion. Now, Jaylen D. Eashmond is a writer who has published short stories and poems, and is also an aspiring actor and director.


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