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Jehan T. Patterson

Jehan T. Patterson

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Area of filmmaking: Directing and Writing

I am ecstatic to be in a space surrounded by creative people of my color and innovative minds of the present and future. I am sure that this will no doubt be a terrific learning and networking experience.

I’ve lived in the Chicago area my entire life, a majority of which has been spent in the Chicago south suburbs, and, whether it be within the city’s limits or in its surrounding suburbs, I have been influenced by the black art (music, painting, sculpting etc.) and culture that has been bred in Chicago for over a century. I fell in love with the art of Filmmaking at the age of 8 when I first watched Do The Right Thing. (without my parents knowledge of course) I have always had a passion for writing, my mother’s occupation as an English teacher has weighed heavily in my appreciation for black literature and the black art. I have also always held a passion for the art of directing; composing shots, scenes, colors and working with actors to get the best possible version of the story being told on the screen has always excited me. When looking to inspirations; names such as Spike Lee, Stanley Kubrick and Francis Ford Coppola are always at the top. My aspiration is to have a film production company based out of Chicago that provides voices and mediums to story tellers from underrepresented groups to tell their truths. Being inspired by Spike Lee, I want to make films that confront social as well as existential issues and dilemmas, effectively examining the human condition in black form.


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