Lauren Erica-Ashli

Lauren Erica Ashli

Lauren Erica-Ashli

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Area of filmmaking: Producing, Showrunning

I’ve heard great things from the alumni of this program. I can’t wait to explore my skills and passion with other young, black people pursuing the same field!

My name is Lauren Erica-Ashli, and I was created to create. I am from the city of Atlanta, GA and I take so much pride in that because of how much culture and history exists in that city. My passion for this industry was fueled by being a dancer growing up — the idea of being able to tell stories and make people feel different emotions using my God-given talent intrigued me and led me to where I am today. Everything about the performing arts is exhilarating and I’ve been blessed to experience both performance and production. You can’t have one without the other and that in itself is respectable. My aspiration is to one day be the Executive Producer and Showrunner of my own series on television. Coming soon! Just wait on it, lol.


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