Jalea Jackson

Jalea Jackson is a director and producer who aims to create films that spark conversation. She was one of 30 students who piloted the Nate Parker Film School at Wiley College in Marshall, TX.

As a recent Honors and Theatre graduate from Louisiana State University (LSU), Jalea has won multiple awards for her work as an editor, photographer, filmmaker and producer. In LSU’s Take 2 Film Festival 2016 she won Best Director, Best Documentary and Honorable Mention for Best Drama. She also won Best Screenplay in LSU’s UTIES 2016.

Since graduating in May 2016, Jalea has continued to pursue her dream of directing and producing. She is learning while working on other film projects in the New Orleans area as a Production Coordinator for Elephant Quilt Productions. Jalea also works with other artists on her own productions outside of work.

She founded Jalea Jackson Production, LLC. (JJP) in June 2015 following the release of the short documentary, RedefiNing the Word. The documentary focused on the meaning of the N-word within the black community, leading Jalea to continue her exploration of culture and the human condition. She strives to reclaim the narrative of stories that are often misconstrued or untold.