Student Films

The aspiring filmmakers who attend our Summer Film Institute are challenged to write, direct and produce a short film as part of the intensive program.  We invite you to view some of these emotional stories, most of which were shot over the course of just one week.

Black Bones

Black Bones details the story of children who are mysteriously confronted with horrible unknown truths from their family’s past while playing a game of “domino bones.” “Black Bones” was filmed during the NPF summer program at Wiley College, a four-year, historically black college/university (HBCU) in East Texas.


Baggage is a film that confronts issues of colorism in the Black community through an adversarial relationship between two college roommates of different skin complexions at an HBCU. The film also takes a closer look at life on an HBCU campus for young men and women.


Hashtag tells the story of a college debate student who struggles with the pain of love and loss, while making a personal demonstration against racial injustice and police brutality. Set in the background of the Black Lives Matter rise on campus it serves as a transformative process to heal and affirm community. We are more than a #hashtag.

400 Years Later … ‘free-ish

400 Years Later… ‘free-ish is a four-part series that explores the 400-year commemorations of the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in Virginia. These short documentaries follow the students through a six-month journey in their effort to promote racial healing and reconciliation as they explore the state’s contentious history and engage with some of the key stakeholders involved in these initiatives. Learn more.