Summer Film Class of 2017

Alisha Taylor

Abilene University


I strive to find new ways of showcasing stories within the African American community. I love to act, sing, and dance. Art has the power to connect people from all walks of life, and that is what I hope to do with my art.


I am ecstatic to learn, study, and work alongside people that also want to use film and art to uplift the African American community. This experience will truly be a blessing.

Anissa Cooper

Temple University


While working with the non-profit Lil Filmmakers, Anissa developed a passion for storytelling and wrote and directed two films under the organization. In addition to making films, Anissa plans to develop content that reflects the beauty and complexity of African-Americans while advocating for a more inclusive film industry.


I feel honored and blessed to be able to attend this program. I’m excited to take my storytelling to another level!

Ashley Nicole Williams

Baylor University


My name is Ashley Nicole Williams and I am an 18 year old from Dallas, Texas. My passion for acting started when I was 5 years old and throughout the years, I developed a passion for filmmaking as well. I enjoy writing scripts for short films, directing, shooting, editing, and publishing, and acting in them. My biggest aspiration is to write, direct, and star in my own movies.


I am ecstatic that I have the opportunity to attend this program. I look forward to working with my peers who have similar interests and passions as I do, while creating an inspirational short film.

Branden Lindsay

William Carey University


I believe through the art of filmmaking and acting that I can tell amazing stories and be a huge advocate for change! I hope to have one of my screenplays viewed around the world! God works in amazing ways and I wouldn’t have any of my accomplishments if it wasn’t for him. My goal is to glorify his name and be a representation through film!


I feel like this is where I belong, and that God has called me to glorify him through film! This is an incredible opportunity and I’m blessed to be apart of a phenomenal program.

Cardero Berryman

Wiley College


I have been acting for 11 years. I always use the the little things around me and around my town for inspiration. As I got into acting I developed a love for writing. My favorite genre is Fantasy and History. I hope to change the world with my talents one day, giving everyone a new outlook on life.  


“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” -Dr. Seuss

Chad Gobar

Liberty University


I hope to teach at the collegiate level, and my desire is to shape culture through influencing the minds of our future leaders through film. I am very interested in the way media and film impacts the way society views race and the potential it holds to build bridges of understanding between groups who are plagued with misunderstandings.


I am ecstatic about this opportunity to gain experience not only from experts but from my creative peers. I hope that this program will equipt me for a brighter future.

Claudia Owusu

Otterbein University


I’m from Ghana, West Africa, and I’ve been in the U.S for ten years, living in Columbus, Ohio. My passion is writing, and all forms of storytelling including spoken word and creating short films. More than anything, I just want to live my life telling stories, and I’m eager to build on my skills and have faith in the journey before me.


I am excited to learn and be around people with a similar mission as me –which is to liberate Black storytelling in this country and across the world. I am also eager to have my vision and focus refreshed and strengthened through this program, for the opportunities and challenges to come.

Destiny M. Frazier

Virginia Union University


I love watching movies ranging from old to new.  I love to eat, shop and most importantly chit chat on Instagram and snapchat with my friends.  My passion is acting and I aspire to produce and feature in films that involve positive depictions of my people to include African goddesses and more about our ancestors.  I desire not only to act but to also produce films that will inspire all generations.  


“Shining star for you to see, what your life can truly be.” – Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Dominique Vaultz

Virginia Union University


I have short term goals of becoming a radio/tv personality and long term goals of becoming an Entertainment Lawyer. I love to mentor, travel, GIVE and I love pageants.


“The journey to revitalization, take a risk, accept your past, but, don’t look back.”

Eghosa Aghimien

Wiley College


I’m first generation African American of Nigerian descent. I lead the Wiley College Chapters of NAACP and National Black Law Student, as well as being captain for the Wiley College Mock Trial Team. My career goals are to be a civil rights attorney and politician, make history and leave a legacy.  


I’m excited to see what I will learn! I can’t wait to see how my intellect, talents, and passions can contribute to the black film industry.

Emmanuela Wade

Wiley College


My Name Emmanuela means “God is with us” and I’ve always lived by it which has given me tremendous faith through the years of my life. My hometown is the peach-state Georgia , but my family is from Jamaica.  My passion is getting to know people and what makes them who they are but my love is acting. I am aspiring everyday to become a successful film actress . I believe all things are possible with faith, and that’s what I have.

Erica Daniels

Southwestern Christian College


I was raised by my lovely grandparents in a small town called Terrell Texas, “hometown of Jamie Foxx.” Since my grandmother’s passing, I’ve migrated to reading, painting and other forms of expression. I am not really sure what I want to do in life but I do know that it MUST be great. I have too many talents to let them go to waste. I want to help heal our world and I WILL.


“The bottle had been dropped many times and was looking to explode. I think it’s time to let the good stuff out.”

Fortune Onwunali

Wiley College


I have always been told that I am a character and I took that and made it my passion. I hope to become an actor and change lives through my performances. I also hope to have my own talk show and maybe one day, by the grace of God, I  can be in a movie with an all-star cast of Denzel Washington,Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Nate Parker, and myself: Fortune Onwunali. That’s me!


I am very blessed and fortunate to be attending! So Excited!

James Madison III

Wiley College


Ever since I was a child I’ve always loved entertaining people; starting at home with small family gatherings and later on doing high school productions. At about the age of 15, I began to record and edit videos. Being able to use all of those different skills I’ve acquired and put them all together to bring my passions and ideas to life is truly amazing. I love to write, act, work with cameras, edit, and direct all of those things into one beautiful vision. I can’t say I love one over the other, So I aspire to one day be one of the greatest to do it all.


To be attending this program is truly a blessing. I hope this experience will help broaden my perspective of the film industry.

Malcolm West

Morehouse College


Born in Alabama, but raised all over, I’ve spent all my life idolizing what I saw in films and the creators behind them. The idea that you can create your own world that you can share with an audience is what drives me to be creative and outgoing.


I am extremely excited for the program! Any opportunity to travel and work on my craft is something I can always look forward to!

Mary Gentry

Northern Illinois University


I am from the south side of Chicago! I enjoy jerk chicken, photography, and making people laugh! I’m all about positive vibes! My passion is everything that involves the camera from photography, recording, editing , and directing.


I am so thrilled and grateful to have been selected for the Nate Parker foundation internship. I look forward to being around all film majors and sharing our interest and passion !

Miah G.Harris

Hampton University


I am fascinated with bringing ideas to life and collaborating with other talented and like-minded individuals. My dream is to direct and produce my own creative content and eventually open a production studio that allows others to perfect their artistic craft(s). Telling stories allows people to unapologetically speak their truth.


The Nate Parker Summer Film Institute is a reminder that there is someone in the world that believes in me just as much as I do (or more). I can’t wait to learn and challenge/push through my creative limits.

Michael D. Nelson

Wiley College


In high school I developed a passion for Hip Hop and moved out on my own at the age of 18 to pursue my dreams. After some years of trial and tribulation I decided to enroll in college. It was there that I was introduced to the world of acting and performance by way of Speech & Debate. Several speech accolades later, I found love in performance arts and am aspired to pursue a career in film acting.


Don’t be upset by the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do.

Nicholas Isaac Madison

Wiley College


I’ve been acting since my freshman year in high school, in college and local theaters. My main focus is becoming an actor while also gaining knowledge to become a Writer, Director, and Cinematographer. My hope is that in entering this film institute, we will receive guidance, mentoring, and coaching that will help to build us up and teach us to inspire others.


I consider it a great blessing that I’ve been given the opportunity to attend the Nate Parker Summer Film Institute. I’m very excited that I’ll be taking the next step towards my Film career.

Olivia Johnston

Wiley College


I make art, listen to music, take pictures, I am a very artsy and visual person. I am also a film fanatic. I passionate about analyzing films as a whole ,from the roles of the characters to the scenery and lighting of the set. I became an active member of the Drama Club at Wiley College this past semester and fell in love with the production and performing of the theater arts. Now I am ready for the NPF Institute to gain knowledge and experience in the film industry to create something great.


I am very excited about this opportunity, and ready to learn as much as I can and create something great.

Solamon Quigley

Brooklyn, New York


The word “passion” is a weak word for my feelings towards filmmaking. Without it I would honestly have no idea of what I would want to do for the rest of my life. My life is a journey to become a better one, and the need to grow mentally is something I’m desperate for,  and I believe that this summer program will help me to accomplish this goal! I’m thankful for this opportunity and hope to gain any drop of information I can from this program!


My point in life is to expand my knowledge and skills on directing. I believe going to this program will help me achieve this goal, especially by involving myself with people who have the same mindset as me and to learn from one another one video at a time!

Tori Marie Briggs

Louisiana State University


I love photography and making videos/films whenever I have the free time outside of my projects at school. I also dabble in music from time to time. I want to start out directing music videos and short films while also opening up my own photography/art studio. From there, I aim to direct feature films as well as organize the art direction for theatrical productions.


I feel very fortunate to be able to experience a program as fundamentally hands-on as the Nate Parker Film Institute. I’m looking forward to gaining a plethora of knowledge from my peers as well as the instructors throughout this process.

Walter Joel

Daystar University


I am passionate about becoming a filmmaker. Currently, I am the 1st assistant cameraman and a Digital Imaging Technician at Optical Films. My work includes Mully (2015) and Zawadi (2015). I am on the varsity biking team and an active member of Daystar Christian Fellowship as a volunteer in the Children’s Ministry Group. I encourage people to fight for what they want and that which they believe in and above all else, put God first because with Him everything is possible.


I am so excited and honored to be a part of this program. This opportunity is such a transformation in my life and a huge step in my career as a filmmaker.