Summer Film Institute

The Nate Parker Foundation Summer Film Institute (“NPFSI”) is our flagship program. In partnership with Wiley College, this highly competitive program is an intensive week-long program where young, aspiring artists learn the art of filmmaking from scholars and film industry professionals. The program is open to high school, college and recent graduates and provides full scholarships to those who have financial limitations.
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Application Process

The Nate Parker Summer Film Institute is a highly competitive program for students who have a passion for film, storytelling, social justice, and African Diaspora culture. Successful applicants must show exceptional creativity in their storytelling, and be able to bring unique ideas to the program. This institute is academically rigorous and requires both academic dedication and creative potential. The program is open to advanced high school students (rising seniors only), current college students, and recent college graduates (graduated within the past 2 years). Tuition cost (includes room and board) is $1,500. Scholarships are available for those who demonstrate need.

  1. Application Form

Complete all parts of the Student Information Form below.

  1. Written Essays (2 total)

Write 2 short essays (prompts below). Each essay must have a title, be no longer than 2 pages, and proofread. Please write both essays in one document, and save it as a PDF to upload.

Mandatory Essay 1.

Write a true story about something that has happened to you or someone you know. Use this story to showcase your storytelling style and creative potential.

Mandatory Essay 2. (choose one):
What role does mainstream media play in representing people of African descent?
What is the current state of race relations in the United States, and how can film inspire change?

  1. Creative Resume

Provide a one (1) page (max.) resume highlighting 3-5 pieces of what you consider to be your best creative work. These projects should demonstrate your ability to convey a story or message through creative, artistic, or technical mediums across media platforms. If you have more than 5 choice pieces, please choose to highlight the most recent and/or the ones in which you were central to. These can include class assignments, short films, projects from jobs or internships, web and video links, or your personal hobbies and freelance work. Once choice can also include an ACTIVE LINK that either showcases your work, or is a video of you discussing your favorite project. This can be a short video clip filmed on your phone. Please keep the length to NO MORE than 3-5 minutes.Think of this as part of your performing arts portfolio. During the admissions process, if you are selected as a finalist we may request additional material.

Format for Creative Resume listing:

Title: title of the project (length of project if applicable)

Source and Date of Creation: You may write “freelance” if it was something you did on your own.

Description of item: An in-depth description of the piece, the inspiration or objective, and your specific role in its creation. Also list any awards or special recognition you may have received for the piece. Pick your favorite piece and either link the piece, if the project or video exists online, or make a short video of you performing or discussing your piece. And please include the correct URL web link to the Youtube, Vimeo, etc. page.


Articles, Central State University Student Voice

Journalism I class, Fall 2014

I wrote several feature articles on various topics from the constant flooding of the men’s bathroom to vandalism on campus. I also did a film review for every issue. I helped with the layout of the paper as well as selecting the final photographs.

Independent Short Film Project

Denton University, Summer 2015

I created this short film period piece “Family Ties” following a young girl, her sister, and her grandmother. It touches on issues regarding generational differences and the impact societal issues have in developing minds.

Link to watch the video here:

  1. Letter of Recommendation

Please provide 1 letter of recommendation from someone who can discuss your creative strengths and abilities. This letter should be from a professor, teacher, internship supervisor or job supervisor. Make sure this person can directly speak to your talents and potential for creative work, as well as your maturity and academic work. Lastly, the recommender’s contact email, phone, and institutional affiliation should be included in the letter. This letter of recommendation MUST be submitted with the application.

  1. Transcript

Please submit a current transcript (unofficial or official) from your high school or university. You must have at least a 2.5 GPA (weighted) to be considered for this program. Students who have exceptional applications, but fail to meet the GPA requirement will still be considered but will be required to write an additional essay (see below) explaining your GPA, and we will review such applications on a case-by-case basis.

GPA Explanation Essay: 

Please write an honest explanation of your GPA, and why we should consider your application and make an exception for your candidacy. This essay must be typed, 1 page maximum. And can be emailed direct to

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